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Paint Stucco Exteriors and Interiors for Lasting Effect

Santoy painters in Calgary are pleased to offer high quality stucco painting at reasonable rates. If your house or commercial property has been coated with stucco, you’re in luck. Stucco finishes offer attractive finishes and protect the underlying surface from harsh elements like rain, wind and snow.

Painting stucco walls with the right products and techniques revamps the overall appearance and helps it look attractive and aesthetic. However, just like other forms of plaster or siding, the color can fade out over time and stucco needs a fresh coat of paint every few years or so.

When you notice this happening, you may wonder if the stucco can be painted over. With the right preparation in terms of paints, tools, techniques and professional intervention, the stucco can look brand new again.

Stucco is an extremely popular choice owing to the low maintenance and affordable costs. Painting it over now and then helps it looking beautiful for many years. Hiring experienced painters for exterior and interior stucco painting can offer several advantages to Calgary customers.

Stucco is just other exteriors – without proper care and maintenance, it can deteriorate over time through prolonged exposure to moisture, dust, dirt, heat and cold. Investing in regular maintenance like painting can help preserve its beauty for many years. If stucco is neglected, it may rot – just like wood- and it cannot be painted over; in this case, you’ll need to replace the rotted stucco. Replacing stucco may involve hundreds of dollars.

Stucco Painting Benefits

Stucco is a type of plaster, made of a cement base, that is usually applied over rough surfaces such as wood, brick or concrete. Many homes in Calgary boast a stucco finish for added durability and finish – stucco is especially useful during warm summer months. Experienced Calgary painters can create exceptional textures and apply quality stucco paint to give your house an eye-catching makeover.

There are several benefits to painting stucco surfaces. For example, stucco is known to improve energy efficiency by forming layers of concrete somewhat like a ‘cocoon’ around you house. In this way, stucco helps your home remain cool during summer and heated during winters by acting as an insulating agent.

In addition, stucco not only reduces street noises but also as a fire retardant. In fact, stucco finishes can last as many as 50 years and proves to be a valuable investment in terms of energy insulation and protection. Most importantly, it helps cover up rough, unsightly surfaces to give a beautiful smooth finish to exterior walls.

Stucco Protects Surfaces Against Moisture

Stucco often spears darker after rain as it absorbs moisture. Painting over stucco helps it seal the surface against moisture and the color remains consistent even after rain. While stucco is known for its absorbent properties, stucco painting keeps dampness at bay and keeps the surface waterproof.

We use specially formulated stucco paint and use expert exterior painting techniques that help stucco become even more weather-resistant. Painting over stucco walls can help it maintain its appearance for many years.

Stucco Painting Helps Cover Stains

You’ll often notice rust or water stains running in vertical lines over stucco surfaces (especially below window frames). Professional stucco painting can help cover unsightly stains and the stains won’t reappear for a long time.

Best Time for Effective Stucco Painting

The best time for painting a stucco house exterior is about four to five weeks after you have applied stucco to the walls. Remember that sun and wind tend to dry out the moisture from stucco plaster causing it to dry out too soon. It’s best to use a latex based primer for painting over stucco by brushing or spraying. However, once you obtain information regarding reliable exterior painting in Calgary, you’ll find that painting stucco costs are probably cheaper than you imagined.

On the other hand, if you’re applying stucco paint to an old siding yourself, you’ll probably need to hire power washing services to first remove any dust and dirt that may have accumulated on the surface.

You can Rely on Us for Expert Painting Solutions

In addition, for painting interior stucco walls, you can consider hiring the services of professional painting companies in your local area.

As leading contractors for fence painting, deck painting and drywall repair in Calgary, we offer our customers a beneficial combination of premium quality workmanship, lasting finish and reasonable prices. We are there to answer your questions, clarify your doubts and provide information about interior painting in Calgary.

Stucco can be painted in several colors, shades and types of paint – you can make your selection with the help of our consultants who will explain every option in detail.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs or unexpected expenses. Our seasoned experts prepare a careful proposal containing all details regarding time required, costs involved and what you can expect. The proposal will be prepared with every care after we understand what you’re looking for.


You Can Confidently Expect 100% Customer Satisfaction

If you’re considering asking for commercial painting in Calgary, please contact us or visit our website for more information on our interior and exterior painting solutions. Tell us what you want and we are happy to offer expert customizations especially tailored to your painting requirements.

As professional stucco painting contractors, we spend time and effort in understanding the needs of each special customer. We hire only skilled professional painters who are experienced in executing different jobs.

Our crew makes a careful assessment of stucco covered surfaces in your property and use the most modern tools, best products and expert techniques to surpass your expectations. You don’t have to worry about anything, we’ll take care of everything related to your painting requirements with minimal disturbance to you.

Our companies offers niche residential painting in Calgary and we also offer professional deck painting and fence painting for commercial, industrial as well as private properties. Contact us today for the most affordable painting solutions for stucco, interior and exterior painting.

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